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Please pray for the protection of this The  Mission of Salvation



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 MAY 7/8   and / or 16/17



** We are looking for people who want to pray 3 Rosaries every day to save their Nation   **



May - The Month of Mary
"Upright by the Cross of her Son on Calvary, the most holy Virgin shared in His Passion and knows how to convince ever fresh, souls to unite their suffering with Christ's sacrifice, in a joint "offertory", which surpasses time and space and embraces the whole of mankind and saves it." St. Pope John Paul II, February 11 1980

"True Marian devotion never obscures or diminishes faith and love for Jesus Christ Our Savior, the one Mediator between God and humankind. On the contrary, entrustment to Our Lady is a privileged path, tested by numerous saints, for a more faithful following of the Lord. Consequently, let us entrust ourselves to her with filial abandonment!" Pope Benedict XVI, May 31 2006

Interestingly, there are 33 Feast Days dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in May throughout the world. Listed are some of the principal ones. You can do an internet search to learn about more in other countries. It is a sad fact that most countries no longer celebrate the valuable gift of many of these Feast Days of Mary, as done previously in past decades.
May 01 Queen of Heaven
May 12 Our Lady of Power (Aubervillers, France)
May 13 Our Lady of Fatima
            Dedication of Our Lady of Martyrs (Rome)
            Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
May 17 Our Lady of Tears (Spoletto, Italy)
May 21
Our Lady of Sweat (Salerno, Italy)
May 24 Mary Help of Christians
May 31 Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces - Our Lady of Grace
            Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth
            Our Lady of All Nations
NOVENA TO OUR LADY OF FATIMA  Say this prayer for 9 consecutive days May 5-13
Most Holy Virgin, who has deigned to come to Fatima to reveal to the three little shepherds the treasures of graces hidden in the recitation of the Rosary, inspire our hearts with sincere love of this devotion.  By meditating on the mysteries of our redemption that are recalled in your Rosary, may we gather the fruits contained therein and obtain the conversion of sinners, the conversion of Russia, the Peace of Christ for the world, and this favor that I so earnestly seek of you in this novena.... [here mention your request].  I ask this of you, for the greater glory of God, for your own honor and for the good of all people. Amen.  [Say the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, three times each.]

Litany to Our Lady of Fatima:


Our Lady of Fatima, pray for our dear country.

Our Lady of Fatima, sanctify our clergy.

Our Lady of Fatima, make our Catholics more fervent.

Our Lady of Fatima, guide and inspire those who govern us.

Our Lady of Fatima, cure the sick who confide in thee.

Our Lady of Fatima, console the sorrowful who trust in thee.

Our Lady of Fatima, help those who invoke your aid.

Our Lady of Fatima, deliver us from all dangers.

Our Lady of Fatima, help us to resist temptation.

Our Lady of Fatima, obtain for us all that we lovingly ask thee.

Our Lady of Fatima, help those who are dear to us.

Our Lady of Fatima, bring back to the right road our erring brothers.

Our Lady of Fatima, give us back our ancient fervor.

Our Lady of Fatima, obtain for us pardon of our manifoldsins and offences.

Our Lady of Fatima, bring all men to the feet of thy Divine Child.

Our Lady of Fatima, obtain peace for the world.


O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Let us Pray: O God of infinite goodness and mercy, fill our hearts with a great confidence in Thy Dear Mother, whom we invoke under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary and our Lady of Fatima, and grant us by her powerful intercession all the graces, spiritual and temporal, which we need. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The angel who appeared to the children at Fatima called himself the Angel of Peace and the Angel of Portugal. He taught them the following prayer:
 "My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee! I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee."
Below is a grouping of Messages from The Book of Truth referencing apparitions plus other titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are more contained in the 5 volumes of The Book of Truth. Since it is the 102nd Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, the focus in this selection leans to La Salette and Fatima, which give warnings and guidance for all in preparing for "the Time of the End" as revealed to Daniel (Daniel10:21).  
APR 09 2012  Mother of Salvation: The Era of Peace I spoke about in Fatima has been forgotten      JUL 23 2012  Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation, my last title from Heaven, let me help you
www.botmission.org - about "The Book of Truth" referred to in Daniel, for the Mission of Salvation for all souls in preparation for The Warning and the Second Coming of Christ in the "Time of the End"
Our Lady's TEAR OF JOY  www.tearofjoy.net  (Canadians, please order from Amos, QC for valid cards with information + prayer on backside. English or French.) 




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New prophecies reveal global events in the lead up to the Second Coming

THE ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIENCE predicted by Our Lady in Garabandal in 1961 will take place soon to save the world.



New prophecies received by European Visionary reveal global events in the lead up to the Second Coming.



  •  To bring everyone back to Jesus and the way of the truth.
  • To dilute the impact of sin and evil in the world through conversion.
  • To help save us before the final day of judgement by giving us a chance to ask for forgiveness for the sins we have committed.
  • To convert non-believers who would have no chance of redemption without this great act of mercy.
  • To strengthen the faith of believers.



  • Every one over the age of 7 will experience a private mystical encounter with Jesus Christ which will last anything up to 15 minutes.
  • It is a gift from God the Father to convert people back to the truth. It is how the Final Day of Judgement will unfold only this time you will not be condemned. Instead you will be given a chance to ask for forgiveness.
  • Two comets will collide in the sky.
  • People will believe it to be catastrophic worse than an earthquake But it is not – it is a sign that Jesus has come.
  • The sky will turn red it will look like a fire & then you will see a large cross in the sky to prepare you first.
  • Atheists will say it was a global illusion. Scientists will look for a logical explanation but there won't be one.
  • It will be spectacular and will not hurt us because it comes as an act of Love and Mercy from Jesus.
  • Our sins will be shown to us and this will make us feel tremendous sorrow and shame when they are revealed to us. Others will be so sickened and shocked by the way in which their sins will be revealed that they will drop dead before they have a chance to ask for forgiveness.
  • Everyone will see the state of their soul before God – the good they have done in their lives, the grief they have inflicted on others and all that which they failed to do.
  • Many people will fall down and cry tears of relief. Tears of joy and happiness. Tears of wonder and love.
  • For, at last, it will be possible to live a new life thereafter when we know the full truth.
  • Jesus is now asking everyone to pray for those souls who will die of shock who may be in mortal sin. Everyone needs to prepare now. Jesus asks that all ask for the forgiveness of their sins in advance of The Warning.




Brief description of our international prayer apostolate

23/10/2011 07:23

This Internet prayer group was formed to launch an entirely new kind of connectedness to the prayer life because there are many like-minded people around the world who yearn for a fraternal communion of prayer. The Internet offers a modern and perfect medium to engage with them in conjunction.

Our goal is to reach many brothers and sisters worldwide who want to unite in prayer with us, to respond to the urgent call of Jesus for prayers, repentance and salvation of souls who have turned away from God.

Anyone with the ardent desire to join our online prayer group is highly welcome. No matter his/her state of life, religion or nationality, every Prayer or supplicant is welcome in our online prayer community. We live in an era when many Christians are ridiculed, deserted, live as "lone wolfs" in struggle in a faithless environment every day or even are ostracized. We do not only want to be a supporting prayer community for these brothers and sisters, but also a vital partner for their prayer requests and needs.


Membership application is very easy and without any cost or long-term obligations. However, each member will need to fulfill the obligations of a short prayer minimum of approximately 10 - 15 minutes a day (e.g: the Divine Mercy Chaplet).

For specific prayer requests, please visit our Membership Area (Prayer Requests).

Our most preferrable prayers are the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Divine Mercy Chaplet approx. 10 min), the Holy Rosary with its various mysteries, and a daily Act of Consecration. Of course everyone is also free to additionally use other prayers or pray in his/her own words. The most important thing is our communal spiritual bond and unity during and in our prayers, while we pray for our common concerns.

With God's help, our group will grow to a great international "Prayer Army", which helps to lead all souls back to God, crush Satan's plans in our lives, and prepare us for the promised paradise on earth.


Request for blessing

Request for priestly blessing

08/10/2011 23:18
  We request most humbly all the priests who visit our website to bless us and all the members of our prayer community, especially our families, and to include us in their daily prayers. In this highly competitive time of faithlessness, we know the might and guarding power of your blessings...

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