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Subject : In-Person Seminar on the Book of Truth
Saturday, May 13, 2023 | from 9:00am to 18:00pm | Paris, France


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Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Dear Prayer Warriors,

The Mission Jesus to Mankind in France is pleased to invite you all to participate in our in-person seminar on The Book of Truth during which we will discover how to quench our thirst for Truth and how to resist the demons who also thirst for our souls.

This seminar will take place on Saturday, May 13, 2023 in Paris, France. 

It will be bilingual in English and French.

"Those fortunate enough to gain the most glorious salvation will live an Eternal Life of ecstasy in the Kingdom of God. They will enjoy every form of glory in union with the Will of God and live a perfect existence, which will never end. […]  You must never reject the Truth, for only the Truth can bring you eternal salvation. Your Jesus“ (Book of Truth, 18 December, 2013) 


Through the Book of Truth, the Lord invites us to take part in this mission of salvation. He desires that we help Him to save all His children, of all nations, of all creeds, of all races.... He desires the salvation of all His precious souls!


"I, your Father, will take you, gather you and embrace you to My Heart and bring you to safety. […]  I wish you to know that My love for you means that, through My Son Jesus Christ, great mercy will be shown even to those of hardened hearts and to those whose souls are so black that only a miracle can save them". (God the Father, August 23, 2012)


During this Seminar we will cover different topics of the Book of Truth: how to prepare for current and future events, how to use prayer as a powerful weapon in this battle of the Militant Church for the salvation of souls, how to forge ourselves in spirit, body and soul so as to be its spearhead …


The theme we have chosen is:
I am thirsty! Give me to drink.


For us, it is of course our thirst for the Truth, which is God! So we thirst for God’s Word in the Book of Truth. But Jesus loves us so much that he reminds us several times that He too thirsts for us:


“I yearn for you. I yearn for the intimacy I crave, so I can bring you closer to Me.“ (Jesus, Wednesday, November 21, 2012)

“How I thirst for the love of man and how they thirst for Me.“  (Jesus, Thursday, October 9, 2014)


However, the evil one, through his unholy trinity, will make every attempt to satiate his thirst for our souls. Out of hatred for God and men, he will never stop tempting us to succumb to his traps by placing in our hearts and minds an insatiable thirst for wealth, power and control over others.


Our seminar will therefore show us how we, the Remnant of God’s Army, should help Jesus to spread His Word to thirsty souls so that they can achieve this necessary intimacy with Jesus, and so that they can all be led to the “Fountain of Life” without which our thirst for God will never be quenched.


If you wish to join in our seminar, please use this link to register:  click here


Jesus, I trust in You!
Mother of Salvation, pray for us.


Jesus To Mankind France




8h00 Opening of doors and check-in 

8h20 Mass celebrated on site 

9h00 Introduction to the Book of Truth

10h00 Seminar

11h00 Coffee-break and boutique 

11h30 Seminar

13h00 lunch on site

14h00 Seminar

16h00 Coffee-break and boutique

16h30 Seminar

18h00 End of seminar 

18h00 boutique and room cleaning

18h15 Closing of doors