December 19, 2011 - Crusade of Prayer (15) Thanks for gift of Divine Mercy

19/12/2011 00:00

My dearest daughter how I wish that Christians everywhere will pay homage to My birth from the depths of their hearts. I fervently wish that the whole of humanity will allow My Holy Spirit to penetrate their hearts and souls at this time.


My birth must be revered for what it represents when celebrating My birth. Remember you are honouring My gift of Salvation.


This is why I was sent by My Father the first time.


This is why I will return again to offer mankind a second chance of redemption.


I want My children to offer up this next crusade of prayer this Christmas


O my Heavenly Father, we honour You with a deep appreciation of the Sacrifice You made when You sent a Saviour into the world.


We offer You, in joy and thanksgiving, our prayer in humble gratitude for the Gift You now give to Your children, the Gift of Divine Mercy.


O God the Most High, make us worthy to accept this Great Mercy with gratitude. Amen.”


Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ