Chaplet of the Sacred Heart


This chaplet may be recited by using a regular Rosary.


On the cross of the Rosary Beads recite:


"O Jesus give us Your heart as a Pledge of Your Love and as a place of refuge that we may find there a secure repose during our life and sweet comfort at the hour of our death."


On the large beads (in place of the Our Father) of the Rosary recite:


"Thee I adore, praise and love O Sacred Heart of my dear Jesus, penetrated with grief at the thought of so many offenses which have been committed against You in the most holy sacrament of the altar, I offer to You in satisfaction the amiable heart of Your Most Beloved Mother with the merits of the saints. Amen."


On the small beads (in place of the Hail Mary)of the Rosary recite:


"O Sacred Heart of Jesus burning with love of us inflame our hearts with love of You."


End the Chaplet with 3 Glory Be's... or any favorite prayer you like to the Sacred Heart.
"My Brothers and Sisters and Christ
Due to the recent messages received from Maria Divine Mercy about the schism that will enter the Church, we need to pray harder than ever and pray from the heart. I would like to invite all followers to pray the Chaplet to the Sacred Heart to give Jesus all the comfort He needs from all of us. It can be said on regular Rosary Beads. (....)
So, let us join as a unified body to give our Lord the comfort as everything is now placed in His Venerable Hands.
God Bless to all
Fr. Tim from the USA"