How do I become a member?


Regardless of your marital status, confession, religion or nationality, everybody is welcome to join in our internet prayer group. The membership is simple and not bound to any costs or long-term commitment.
It is obligatory for every member to pray daily for the intentions of Jesus. At what time of the day is not important. But there should be a daily prayer of consecration and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. After that, you can also additionally say other prayers or Rosary of your choice.

Our prayer requests are the intentions of Jesus. We pray daily:

  • for the conversion of sinners
  • for the deliverance of souls from Satan
  • for the concerns of our registered members and their families
  • for the concerns of the own family
  • for the Visionary
  • and for all priests and our Pope Benedict XVI.


Jesus asks us in His message to Maria Divine Mercy (Thursday, November 17th, 2011) to pray all prayers of the "Crusade of Prayer":
all prayers of the "Crusade of Prayer"  (message of November 17th, 2011:  Crusade of Prayer.docx (14,8 kB) )


If you want to make a registration, send us an email:


We only need:

  • your first name and / or your initials
  • your nationality (for our online statistics)
  • and possibly your region of residence (for example: London, Wales or Florida...)

our email address is:

That´s all!

We will send you a confirmation of your registration in English.

If your friends would also like to become members, you can send us an email with their names, nationality and maybe the region of their residence. Every day members are sending registrations for friends, relatives, members of their prayer-groups, e.g...  All brothers and sisters in Christ are welcome -  also brothers and sisters without a computer.  We will send an email with the confirmation of their registrations to you at your email address.