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October 24, 2021 9:00 AM EST / 09:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR
Two years ago, on October 2019, something very grave happened in the Vatican. Two years ago, the pagan goddess “Pachamama” was visibly and publicly venerated in the Vatican by the highest authorities of the Catholic Church.

This event, witnessed all over the world and documented by mainstream media, kicked off a firestorm of discussions. Is the Catholic Church slowly drifting towards Paganism?

Just a few weeks after that Pachamama event in the Vatican, the greatest crisis the world has seen in recent times was unleashed all over the world. The Covid-19 pandemic broke out all over the world.

Two years have passed since that time, and we see how Paganism has spread all the over the world, in all sectors of society. Nature and the Earth are oftentimes referred to as “living things”. We are being told by the highest governmental and Church authorities that “Mother Earth” is being harmed by man, and that acts against “Mother Earth” are “ecological sins” that we must all repent from. Aside from this worship of nature, many other pagan practices are now rampant all over the world.

This rise of Paganism in the End Times, or the period prior to the Return of Jesus in His Second Coming, has already been prophesied. In fact, it is one of the signs which point out to us that Jesus’ Return in Glory is very near!

In this one hour webinar, we will discuss in detail the Rise of Paganism in the End Times. In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:
  • What is Paganism?
  • What does the Catholic Church teach about Paganism?
  • Is the world drifting towards Paganism?
  • Is the Catholic Church slowly embracing pagan practices and beliefs?
  • Prophecies on the Rise of Paganism in the End Times
  • How should we respond

This webinar will be in English, however, there will be live translations in other languages, namely: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Croatian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Italian, and Dutch - Flemish.

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