June 4, 2023

In-Person Seminar

The Mission of Jesus to Mankind invites you all to the in-person Seminar of The Book of Truth in which you will discover the Joy of knowing the Truth. Topic of the seminar is You are chosen.  This Seminar will held on Sunday June 4th, 2023 in Texas, USA.

“Those fortunate enough to gain the most glorious salvation will live an Eternal Life of ecstasy in the Kingdom of God. They will enjoy every form of glory in union with the Will of God and live a perfect existence, which will never end. . . . You must never reject the Truth, for only the Truth can bring you eternal salvation. Your Jesus. | Book of Truth, December 18, 2013

Through the Book of Truth, the Lord invites us to take part in this Mission of Salvation. He desires that we help Him to save all His children, of all nations, of all creeds, of all races…. He desires the salvation of all His precious souls!

“I, your Father, will take you, gather you and embrace you to My Heart and bring you to safety. I wish you to know that My love for you means that, through My Son Jesus Christ, great mercy will be shown even to those of hardened hearts and to those whose souls are so black that only a miracle can save them. God the Most High.” | Book of Truth, August 23 2012

Through this Seminar we will cover different topics of the Book of Truth, how to prepare ourselves for current and future events, and we will also pray for the salvation of souls.

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The Jesus to Mankind Movement now has an official global Youtube Channel and Slideshare Channel.  Through these two digital channels, we are making it easier for all followers of the Jesus to Mankind Movement to view and share content related to the Book of Truth.


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Here is a complete list of the presentation materials we have uploaded in our Slideshare channel, together with the links to view each of them:


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