May 14, 2022

You are invited to attend a very important webinar entitled “The Third Secret of Fatima” on May 14, Saturday, 9-10pm Singapore time. 9 am New York time

This one-hour seminar will be in English. 

What is the Third Secret of Fatima, and why was it kept secret for so long by the Vatican? Was the official text revealed by the Vatican on the Third Secret of Fatima on June 26, 2000 the complete text of the Third Secret?  In the Book of Truth, the Holy Trinity has finally revealed the true contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. In this seminar, we will learn the true contents of the Third Secret.  This is a truly important seminar, because as you will find out through this seminar, we are living in the times of the third secret of Fatima.


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May 21, 2022


Official Global Youtube Channel and Slideshare Channel

The Jesus to Mankind Movement now has an official global Youtube Channel and Slideshare Channel.  Through these two digital channels, we are making it easier for all followers of the Jesus to Mankind Movement to view and share content related to the Book of Truth.


You can visit the official Jesus to Mankind Youtube Channel here

You will find in the Youtube Channel recordings of all of our past seminars, as well as various short videos about the Book of Truth, in multiple languages. Make sure you subscribe to the channel, so you will be alerted every time new content is uploaded. Use the Youtube Channel to evangelize and promote the Book of Truth to your friends and family members! Through the recorded videos uploaded in the Channel, you can now easily share recordings of our past global seminars to your friends and family, so they can watch it at their own time and pace. We also encourage everyone to subscribe to and follow our official Slideshare Channel.  Slideshare ( is a website that allows anyone to easily find, discover and share presentation materials.  We have uploaded the presentation materials of all of our public seminars in this channel.


You can visit our Slideshare channel here:

Please make sure you subscribe to the channel, so you will be alerted every time we upload new content. You will find in the channel presentation materials of our past seminars. These presentation materials won't be available for download - however, you can easily view them via our Slideshare channel. Through this channel, you can now read the materials of all our past seminars at your own pace, and at your own time.  You can also use this channel to evangelize and promote the Book of Truth to your friends and family. Simply share the link of a specific seminar/presentation material to your friend, so they can read the material at their own pace.


Here is a complete list of the presentation materials we have uploaded in our Slideshare channel, together with the links to view each of them:


Day 1 of the Great Apostasy Seminar -

Day 2 of the Great Apostasy Seminar -

Day 3 of the Great Apostasy Seminar -

God's Warning on Hell Seminar -

Seal of the Living God

Mother of Salvation Seminar -

The Book of Truth: God’s Love and the Salvation of Souls


Crusade Prayer Hour for Healing and Protection -