February 23, 2012 - Mother of Salvation: Pray that Nuclear War can be averted in Iran

23/02/2012 00:00

My child it is time for my children to join as one in deference to My precious son so that nuclear war can be averted in Iran.


This war is very close and you must pray hard to stop it because it will kill millions of God’s children.


Satan and his demons are working to cause terrible destruction.


If they kill souls before they are given a chance to redeem themselves in my Son’s eyes, then they are lost.


This is the evil one’s plan.


He seeks so many souls to prevent them from entering my Father’ Kingdom.


My Holy Rosary can, when recited by saying all the mysteries in one prayer, prevent war children.


Unite now for one day and recite my Holy Rosary to stop this nuclear war which is now being planned.


Pray for those poor souls, not just in Iran but in countries who become embroiled unwittingly.


Pray also for those poor countries who are being used as pawns in the wicked game of lies being planned by groups, not of God, my Eternal Father.


Go now my children and bring all of my children together to pray in order to mitigate this great atrocity against humanity.


Your beloved Mother


Mother of Salvation