March 2, 2012 - God the Father: Warning about Satanic cults and new age doctrines

02/03/2012 00:00

My daughter, the trials of mankind will intensify during the final cleansing required before the Second Coming of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


The Earth is being prepared for this Glorious Event, promised as the greatest Gift by Me, since the Creation of Paradise.
Await this Event with great anticipation for this New Paradise is what every man, woman and child will strive for.


Prepare yourselves so that you, your families and friends are fit to walk the ground in My New Kingdom, which will be under the Reign of My dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


Ignore this request, children, and you will forfeit your rightful inheritance.


Were sinners to glimpse just one minute of this Glorious Creation, they would fall to the ground and beg for Mercy to enter the Gates.


Only those who hold a simple and pure love for Me, their heavenly Father and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, will be able to enjoy this new, peaceful and glorious existence.


Sadly, Satan has blackened the souls of many of My children, so they will be unable to discern Truth from fiction.


My daughter, terrible lies are being perpetrated by Satanic cults and new age doctrines.


My poor children, seduced by lies, which are couched in a colourful mirage, believe in a new planet.


They are being promised a different kind of paradise. But it does not exist.


When Satan seduces and wins the hearts of those who believe in him, he torments them for eternity.


If you saw the terror in their faces when they, after death, find themselves in the clutches of Satan, it would tear your heart in two.


So wretched are they, that it is important that you warn these souls of the torment that lies ahead.


Pray for them. Never stop. In many cases only the suffering of victim souls can save them from Hell.


To those who believe in Me, God the Father, I call on you now to denounce false gods, false idols, false doctrines, fortune tellers and new age doctrine, all of which amount to nothing.


All have been created by the king of deceit, Satan, a cunning liar.


He will stop at nothing to draw away from Me, My precious children.


I beg you, children, to pray for these souls as a consolation for Me, your beloved Father.


Comfort Me. In time you will understand the mystery of My heavenly Kingdom.


In time the mystery of My Divine Will, will be revealed. In time, you, through your loyalty and love for Me, will help Me unite My family, at last, in the Kingdom created for all of My children in the beginning.


Thank you, My daughter, for your suffering. Thank you My children, for responding to My Call from the Heavens.


I give all My blessing now, but you must ask Me.


“Heavenly Father, help me to become little, as a child, in Your Eyes. I ask for Your Graces to fall upon me so I can respond to Your Call to save all of Your children. Amen.”


Your beloved heavenly Father


God the Most High