May 13, 2013 - My Word is the end. It is final. There can be no other word

13/05/2013 00:00


My dearly beloved daughter, My remnant army will grow very quickly at this time and will spread to fifty-eight nations. There will be leaders among you and you must unite wherever you are, through the formation of Jesus to Mankind Prayer Groups.


Bring all those who follow Me, first, into your fold and then set forth to draw all those who follow every kind of doctrine. I could never favour one soul over another. I desire that you tell all those who do not believe in Me and I promise them that they will be shown the Truth during The Warning. They will find it difficult to deny Me, for I will engulf their souls in a way which will surprise and shock them. My Holy Spirit will fall over every nation where My Prayer Groups are set up.


I will multiply the number of miracles, which have been witnessed already, where I have healed the minds, the spirit and the bodies of the wretched and sick amongst you. You will know Me by My Presence, which I will instil in those of you who ask for My favours. You are indeed blessed – you, the children of this generation, who have been chosen in such multitudes to enjoy eternal life in My Kingdom, which has no end. Death will be defeated by you. Evil will be devoured by your strength of perseverance and sin will no longer blight your souls.


My children, there is much work to be done. Allow Me to guide you through My Crusade Prayers, as they will open your eyes to the Truth. Once you can see the Truth, you will know in your hearts what to do. One word of advice – when you are rebuffed for speaking the Truth, you must remain silent. Pray for those souls, that they will also be given the grace to accept the Book of Truth.


My Word is the end. It is final. There can be no other word. Anyone who proclaims to speak in My Name, since this Mission commenced in November, 2010, does not have the authority to do so, for they do not come from Me. Those prophets who came before this, and who also speak in My Name, are blessed and I will continue to protect them. My Voice speaks to the world through these Messages. My beloved Mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, also speaks to her visionaries, and again her Mission is blessed by Me.


Know that Satan’s army includes a number of false prophets, who speak with a sweetness of voice. Soothing, loving and camouflaged with empty promises, they will say the exact opposite to what I tell you. Know that only My Voice will tell you the Truth. Only My Voice will tell you of events to come, which actually take place. No one else can, nor will be given the authority to, speak for Me, Jesus Christ or My beloved Father.


Take comfort with this revelation and know that only the Holy Trinity communicates in this way with a Fire, which will engulf all souls who are empty of pride and full of humble love for Me.


Your Jesus