Scheduled Monthly Events 

JUNE, 2024
Monthly Theme: Crusade of Conversion
Extracts from Message May 31st 2012:
My child every effort is being made by Satan and those souls he has infected to undermine my Son’s Most Holy Word. Always remember that Satan plants the first seeds of doubts within the hearts of chosen souls. The scale of satanic influence is growing and spreading throughout the world. My poor children suffer so and I weep tears of sorrow when I see their dismay and sorrow. Pray, my children for peace at this time so that God’s children everywhere will turn to my Son for strength…
June 1

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Peace be with you!  Welcome to our First Saturday Jesus to Mankind Global Rosary Bouquet for the Mother of Salvation. In the event you cannot join the webinar with the link above, please open your Zoom app on your mobile device and enter the meeting Webinar ID 869 6043 5714 to join. 

In obedience to the instruction given by the Mother of Salvation in the Book of Truth, we will pray the 4 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. We will unify globally for 5prayer meetings from different Continents, praying the Rosary in different time zones.

Our Mother of Salvation, in the Book of Truth has emphasized the importance of praying the Holy Rosary in the following message received on June 20, 2012:

“I can, with my Son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate. Satan cannot harm or attack, all those who say my Holy Rosary every day. By reciting three or more Rosaries you can extend this protection for others. If even a hundred people could do this they could save their nation from the contamination spread by the evil one. You must gather together children and pray to protect yourselves.”

She also says, in the message of December 8, 2014:

“…Under my protection you will be given relief from the attacks he will inflict upon every Christian who tries to remain loyal to my Son in the trials, which lie before you. My Son has accorded me the power to crush the head of the serpent so that He can bring you closer to Him. Accept my protection and I will respond to all who ask me for help…”

Let us unite globally our hearts as one Jesus to Mankind Global Family, together with the Mother of Salvation, in this battle to save souls. We will offer all our prayers asking for her intercession and protection for all God’s children in every nation against evil. Please come and help us unite globally in Prayer. Jesus, we trust in You! The Remnant Army of Christ will Triumph!




June 8

Links to Register: - Webinar ID 868 8633 0334 - Webinar ID 892 7889 1031 (7pm Sydney / 9pm New Zealand)

Ave Maria! You are invited to attend a Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade of Conversion - Prayers for All Souls on June 8th, 2024 Saturday at 9pm Singapore Time (GMT+7), 2pm London Time (GMT), 9am New York Time (GMT -5). 

…My followers must spend the month of June in quiet contemplation as instructed by My Beloved Mother. This month is the time when, through the Crusade of Conversion, many people can receive the graces of instant conversion through the sacrifices made by those of you who respond to My Mother, the Mother of Salvation. You need to be quiet this month. Your Jesus (June 3, 2012) 

Children, you must fast for one day each week in the month of June. You must recite My Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily. Doing this children you will save the souls of millions through the Mercy of My Son Jesus Christ. Mother of Salvation (May 31, 2012) 

This Global Crusade of Prayer will be in English with Live Translations: Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian and Cantonese. Jesus, we trust in You!




June 19

Link to Register: - Webinar ID 839 7359 7828

You are invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind USA Crusade Prayer Hour on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024 at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific. This month we are offering our Crusade of Prayer in Honor of the Mother of Salvation.

Satan despises me. He also fears me. To hurt my Son, he will, through those souls he influences, go to great lengths to defile my image through many secret rituals and black masses. My statue will be adorned with satanic symbols and I will be desecrated in many places by Masonic groups who have gained control. Pray, pray, pray, children, every day, for the strength to confront this wickedness with courage. Do not fear it. Accept that Satan’s army is now controlling many nations, in every part of the world. When you accept this, you can then be given the strength and determination you need. When you ask for these graces, through the Crusade Prayers, you can and will help to mitigate this wickedness.Your beloved Mother. Mother of Salvation" (Book of Truth -August 17, 2013)

The Mother of Salvation tells us to pray for the strength to confront wickedness and not to fear it. We will receive graces through reciting the Crusade Prayers. Let us pray, pray, pray together as a remnant army.

Please invite all your family & friends to come and join us.