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February 11
O Holy Virgin,
in the midst of thy days of glory,
do not forget the sorrows of this earth.
Cast a merciful glance
upon those who are suffering,
struggling against difficulties,
with their lips constantly pressed
against life's bitter cup.
Have pity on those
who love each other and are separated.
Have pity on our rebellious hearts.
Have pity on our weak faith.
Have pity on those we love.
Have pity on those who weep,
on those who pray,
on those who fear.
Grant hope and peace to all.
Our Lady of Lourdes, Pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.
Recite 3 Hail Marys
February 20, 2012


In the early hours of Monday morning February 20, 2012, a message was received by Maria Divine Mercy in the form of an apparition in which God the Father appeared to her.  He then gave her a Message, which refers to a special Miracle gift. God the Father informed her of the Seal of the Living God, protection for all believers, everywhere.
God the Father: Rise now and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God
Monday, February 20th, 2012 @ 00:20
from The Book of Truth
My beloved daughter, My Heart heaves in sorrow for the sins of My children.
Like any loving Father, their wicked hatred for each other tears My Heart in two.
It is like a sword piercing My Heart, which will not go away.
I Am God of the Most High, Who, because of the free will I have given to all of My children, will have to suffer enduring pain until the New Paradise on Earth evolves.
Then you will, My children, join in unison with My Holy Will.
Until that happens there can be no peace on Earth.
Only when the evil one and those who slavishly follow the lies he promises, are destroyed, finally can the world become calm.
My daughter, tell My children that I do not relish the thoughts of punishing My children, for I love them.
They are Mine, My cherished Creation. To see how the evil one has corrupted their souls is a constant torment to Me, their beloved Father.
I desire to take all of you loving children who know and understand My Love for you, into My beautiful, New Paradise on Earth.
I promise you that the persecution will be swift and that you will be protected.
For I now bequeath the Seal of My Love and Protection.
With this you will escape the notice of those who will cause hardship in your countries.
My Seal is My Promise of Salvation. My Power will surge through you with this Seal and no harm will come to you.
This is a miracle, children, and only those who bow before Me, their Lord and Creator of all things, as little children with love in their hearts for Me, can be blessed with this Divine Gift.
Rise now and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God.
Recite this Crusade Prayer (33) to acknowledge My Seal and accept it with love, joy and gratitude.
"O my God, my loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection.
Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity. I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to You, my beloved Father.
I beg You to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever. I love You, dear Father. I console You in these times, dear Father.
I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, in atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children. Amen."
Go, My children, and do not fear. Trust in Me, your beloved Father, Who lovingly created each of you.
I know every single soul; every part of you is known to Me. Not one of you is loved less than the other.
Because of this I do not want to lose one soul. Not one.
Please continue to pray My Divine Mercy Chaplet every day.
One day, you will understand why this purification is needed.
Your loving Father in Heaven
God of the Most High
SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD Prayer to download, print and have blessed by a Catholic priest. To be hung on an inside wall of your home.
Messages from The Book of Truth regarding the importance of the Gift of Divine protection given to us by God The Father through the Seal of The Living God: 
FEB 21 2012  God the Father: You are either for Me or against Me. The choice is yours.
"I will offer My Seal of Protection on the foreheads of all those who believe in Me.  . . .  If you accept My Seal of Love you will be within My protection at all times.  This protection will cover your families.  . . . To those who know Me, and accept My Seal, know that you will have eternal life."
FEB 22 2012  Fasting is important for your souls
"You, My followers who accept the Seal of the Living God are blessed."
FEB 29 2012  Don't you know that the Holy Spirit cannot and will not enter those with hardened hearts?
"Never forget to pray to My Father as often as you can for the Seal of the Living God in order to protect you and your families."
MAR 08 2012  God the Father: My Seal of Protection is foretold as the second seal as broken
"Children do not be afraid.  No harm will come to those who wear My Seal, the Seal of the Living God.  Satan and his fallen angels, who infest the world at this time, do not have the authority over those who have the mark of the Living God.  You must listen to Me and accept My Seal for it will save not only your lives but your souls.  Recite the prayer to receive My Seal every day.  Ensure that each member of your family and loved ones understand the significance of My Seal."
MAR 14 2012  Love is more powerful than hatred
"When you love Me I will take you into the arms of My Father who will place the seal of protection around you and your family.
MAR 21 2012  Tell humanity that all is now in My Most Holy Hands
"All believers who have My Eternal Father's Seal of Protection, the Seal of the Living God, will come to no harm."
MAY 16 2012  Second Seal:  World War 3
"My daughter, I realise that this news may come as a shock but remember that prayer and the Seal of the Living God Crusade Prayer number (33) will protect My followers.  . . . My Gift of the Seal of the Living God will render you invisible to your enemies.  Recite it every day from now on.  Keep it before you in your homes and have it Blessed by a priest."
MAY16 2012  Virgin Mary: My visionaries in the world will be instructed to pray in order to avert the dangers associated with a world war.
"The gift of the Seal of the Living God will be your biggest protection at a time of war or strife.  By pledging allegiance to God the Father, through the acceptance of this free gift, you will remain free."
MAY 16 2012  Set up prayer groups devoted to Jesus to Mankind
"Never forget the importance of the Seal of the Living God. It will offer you and your family protection, not just in spirit but a physical protection also.  You are blessed to receive the Seal and it is your duty to ensure that as many of God's children everywhere receive it." 
MAY 17 2012  Virgin Mary: This Seal was foretold in the Book of John
"My child, God's children will be able to protect their faith, their courage and their safety during any war if they continue to pray the Seal of the Living God Crusade Prayer.  This is one of the last, and the greatest Seal of Protection, sent from the Heavens of all prayers given to humanity.  It is to help sustain all during any future persecution, especially at times of domination and war.  This Seal was foretold in the Book of John and has many divine powers associated with it.  Cherish it and use it to protect, not only yourselves, but your families."
JUN 01 2012  666 will be embedded, its number hidden, into a chip which you will be forced to accept just as you would any vaccination.
"The Seal of the Living God, My Crusade Prayer (33) is your lifeline.  When you receive My Seal of Protection, given to you by My Eternal Father, you will not have to accept the Mark.  You will not be touched.  Your home will not be seen, searched or a target for it will be rendered invisible in the eyes of Satan's army."
JUN 13 2012  A pledge of allegiance to the Divine Will of God the Father 
"My dearly beloved daughter just as My Eternal Father bequeathed the Great Gift to humanity of His Seal so, too, must His children pledge their allegiance to His Divine Will."
JUL 06 2012  One third of the earth will be destroyed as the angels pour fire from the four corners of the Heavens
"The Seal of the Living God will protect each and every one of you."
JUL 08 2012  Be warned. The new world religion will seem, on the outside a good and holy organisation full of love and compassion.
"My sacred servants who remain loyal to me will have to hold secret Masses or face imprisonment.  They will gather in force and, filled with the Holy Spirit, they will continue to feed God's children with the Food of Life.  They must ensure that all those they lead are offered the protection of the Seal of the Living God."
JUL 15 2012  God the Father: I will wipe out their false churches, their wicked cults, their false idols, their cities and their nations
"Never fear because those with the Seal of the Living God are not only protected but are given the graces to defend the Word of God so that as many souls as possible will be given the Gift of Life."

JUL 17 2012  Once The Warning takes place there will be much confusion.
"Ensure that you keep Holy Water in your homes and a Benedictine Cross from now on along with the Seal of the Living God hanging in your home.  All of these will protect your family."

JUL 20 2012  The world will soon be presented with the most deceitful lie which is impossible for mankind to grasp at this stage.
"You, My followers, remember, are protected at all times by the Seal of the Living God.  You must spread the Seal and get it to as many people as possible."

AUG 01 2012  Virgin Mary: I ask of all God's children to, once again dedicate the month of August to save souls.
"Please keep The Seal of the Living God close to you in your homes in the coming months for much will unfold."

SEP 11 2012  The New Era will be heralded by My Second Coming. The time is short.
"Go make it your mission, My disciples, to spread My Litanies, especially the Grace of Immunity prayer.  Go, also, and tell people about the Seal of the Living God and the Plenary Indulgence for the forgiveness of sin."

NOV 01 2012  You have been given the armour. Use it.
"You, My strong army, are blessed and you are protected with the Seal of My Father, the Seal of the Living God."
NOV 06 2012  God the Father: The hierarchy of all the angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the Earth at this time 
"My Seal must be shared."

NOV 21 2012  One half will not deviate from the truth. The other half will twist the truth.
"Please spread the Seal of the Living God everywhere.  It must not be sold.  It must be available for everyone.  Pass copies to all those who need to be protected."

NOV 22 2012  God the Father: I offer you the most perfect future
"In order for you to enjoy My New Paradise on earth, you must accept My Hand, as it reaches out to you.  Do not be afraid for I cover all those who honour Me, their Eternal Father and My Precious Son, with My Seal."

DEC 10 2012  I will judge the Living and the Dead and only those who are worthy can enter My Kingdom
"All the plans by My Father to envelop His children and cover them with His Seal of Protection are in place."

MAR 20 2013  Just as the blind cannot see, there will be those amongst the Church in Rome who can see, but who will refuse to acknowledge the Truth
"You, My beloved followers, are protected by the Seal of the Living God and so you must never fear."

APR 04 2013  Only those with the Seal of the Living God will escape this form of genocide of the soul
"When you are forced to suffer and accept the mark of the beast, or die, you will scream out for Me. Then you will scramble to find the Seal of the Living God, which I give to the world through My Father in these Messages – but by then it will be too late.   Only those who accept the Seal, keep it in their homes, or carry it on them will be protected. Only those with the Seal of the Living God will escape this form of genocide of the soul."

MAY 11 2013  The miracles I promised the world, through My Crusade Prayers, will increase
"My protection must be sought out and the Seal of the Living God must be given to as many souls as possible."

MAY 21 2013  When the time comes for the beast to reveal the antichrist, great signs will be seen
"By then My Holy Spirit, poured out amongst My followers, in all of My Christian Churches, will ensure that they are ready. They, along with My disciples from this Mission will form the Remnant Church. Their power will be great and no harm will come to those with the Seal of the Living God. Their power will come from the Prayers given to them by My Mother and in the Crusade Prayers."

AUG 05 2013  Mother of Salvation: This war, to uphold the Word of God, will mean that those priests, who do remain true to Him, will have to seek refuge
"I, the Mother of Salvation, will protect such refuges and by the placement of the Seal of the Living God given to the world by my Father, on the inside walls, they will remain invisible to the enemies of God." 

AUG 23 2013  Mother of Salvation: The antichrist, upon his announcement, will declare that he is a devout Christian
"I urge you to keep all holy objects, rosary beads, blessed candles, holy water, a copy of the Bible and the holy daily Missal along with the Crusade of Prayer book. You must keep the Seal of the Living God in your home and on you if possible. My Medal of Salvation will convert those who wear it and they will be shown Mercy by my Son. I now request you, child, to have the Medal of Salvation produced now and a Scapular of the Seal of the Living God made."

AUG 23 2013  God the Father: Children we are but just a short time away from the Great Day
"Finally accept My Seal as one of the greatest Gifts I have given humanity since I gave them Life. I give Life again with My Special Graces when you hold close to you, the Seal of the Living God. All those with the Seal are granted a place in the New Paradise."

AUG 30 2013  Great rejoicing will take place everywhere.  This will last 100 days.
"But if you prepare now, you will become immune to the suffering which he [the antichrist] will inflict on the world, by taking the Seal of the Living God and keeping it in your homes. When the Word of God, the true Word, is made known to you, you must stop and listen, for it will lead you to the gates of the New Heaven and the New Earth."  
SEP 21 2013  Four powerful empires will emerge as the main source from which wars will be surmounted  
"It is these innocent and suffering people who will be given the protection of God if they have the Seal of the Living God. Never underestimate this free Gift from God. The Seal of the Living God will protect you from physical and spiritual death during wars. Please get this to as many people as you can in every nation."   
OCT 11 2013  Relax, all of you, and know that God is ever powerful and that no act, however evil, cannot be trampled on by Him 
"You must always keep the blessed Seal of the Living God in your homes and in whatever format you can, in order to carry it with you also. This will protect you from any kind of persecution and you will gain the strength necessary to remain true to God and everything which is laid down clearly in the most Holy Bible.  . . . Those of you who choose to respond to My Call are blessed. You, in turn, through your act of love for neighbour, will spread the Seal of the Living God everywhere you go." 
OCT 19 2013  The antichrist will create grants to entice companies, organisations, as well as charities, to work for his new one world trade centre
"All those who wear the Seal of the Living God will escape the clutches of the antichrist and become immune to the horror. Do not ignore this warning. Do not fear it for if you follow My instructions, you will be protected."
MAR 23 2014  What good is it to Me if a man is brought before Me dragging and kicking his heels? It is useless. 
"When I gave you My Word, it was My Desire that all souls be saved. In order to be saved, you must not be selfish and attend only to your own souls. You, My beloved followers, have a duty to share the Gifts I bring you now, through these Messages, to others. Share My Love with others and especially your enemies. Pray for all those who need My Intervention. Treat them with patience. When you give them My Gifts, My Prayers and the Seal of the Living God Protection, then you must withdraw and allow them time to turn to Me."
MAY 05 2014  The Book of Truth will be the antithesis of the new false book
"The Seal of the Living God will protect you against the Mark of the Beast and the Medal of Salvation against the heresy, which will tumble out of the mouths of My enemies, who will seize My Church on Earth."

JUN 07 2014  The faith of the clergy will be trampled upon by the greatest enemy of God ever to walk the Earth - the antichrist
"The faithful will comfort each other and by My Grace they will be given the Gifts from God, needed to protect themselves against persecution, including the Seal of the Living God, which will enable them to overcome the opposition they will face when Christianity will be brutalized."

AUG 23 2014  I will arm My angels and chosen ones to do battle with those who denounce Me
"The purification of man continues for without the suffering of willing souls, many people would be lost. Only then, when all things seem unbearable, will those with the Seal of the Living God, be given the relief from their sufferings which will blight humanity including sin, wars, famine and disease."

SEP 29 2014  God the Father: My Love will conquer evil and hatred.
"I ask that you place all your trust in Me and keep My Seal of Protection, in any form, close to you."

NOV 09 2014  I will salvage 5 billion souls because of this Mission
"I desire now that each of you recites from this day, and every day from now on, Crusade Prayer number (33) and that you keep a copy of the Seal of the Living God close to you. Many people who may not be aware of this Mission may also receive the Protection of the Seal when you pray for them, as you recite this prayer.  All of God's children who have the Seal of the Living God will be immune to the troubles, which will come as the Great Tribulation unfolds. I ask that you do this today for I promise you great protection against the persecutors of the Christian Faith and the upheavals, which will be witnessed across the four corners of the earth."

NOV 21 2014  Mother of Salvation: I have a Message for the Roman Catholic Clergy
"I ask that you pray My Most Holy Rosary daily to give you the strength you will need and for protection from Satan, because those times ahead, which are almost upon you, will become unbearable. By keeping the Seal of the Living God prayer close to you at all times, you will receive extra Protection from the evil one."

FEB 13 2015  My Mission to save humanity is almost complete
"You have been given the Gifts of the Seal of the Living God, the Medal of Salvation and the Crusade Prayers. They will be your armour against My adversary."