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Monthly Theme:  The Sanctity of Marriage

Marriage, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, is a Sacred Covenant that transcends the worldly concept of a mere legal or social contract. 

It is a profound union between a man and a woman, mirroring the eternal and selfless love of Jesus Christ for His Bride the Church. This sacred commitment is not only a declaration of love but a pledge before God Almighty to walk together through the joys and trials of life, supporting one another in the pursuit of holiness.  The sanctity of marriage lies in the sacrificial love that spouses are called to emulate, echoing the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ on the Cross. It is a partnership built on mutual respect, selflessness, and a shared commitment to building a family grounded in the true faith and the love of the Eternal Father.

Within the Sacrament of Marriage, the couple receives not only the blessing of God the Eternal Father, but also the Grace necessary to navigate the complexities of life together. This Divine Assistance empowers them to grow individually and as a couple, fostering a spiritual unity that surpasses the temporal challenges they may face in this life. By embracing the Sanctity of Marriage, a young couple embarks on a Sacred journey, inviting God into the very fabric of their relationship and committing to a love that reflects the Eternal and unconditional love of the Creator, God the Eternal Father.

February 3

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Peace be with you!  Welcome to our First Saturday Jesus to Mankind Global Rosary Bouquet for the Mother of Salvation. In the event you cannot join the webinar with the link above, please open your Zoom app on your mobile device and enter the meeting Webinar ID869 6043 5714 to join. 

In obedience to the instruction given by the Mother of Salvation in the Book of Truth, we will pray the 4 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. We will unify globally for 5prayer meetings from different Continents, praying the Rosary in different time zones.

Our Mother of Salvation, in the Book of Truth has emphasized the importance of praying the Holy Rosary in the following message received on June 20, 2012:

“I can, with my Son, give you the graces and the circle of protection which no fallen angel can penetrate. Satan cannot harm or attack, all those who say my Holy Rosary every day. By reciting three or more Rosaries you can extend this protection for others. If even a hundred people could do this they could save their nation from the contamination spread by the evil one. You must gather together children and pray to protect yourselves.”

She also says, in the message of December 8, 2014:

“…Under my protection you will be given relief from the attacks he will inflict upon every Christian who tries to remain loyal to my Son in the trials, which lie before you. My Son has accorded me the power to crush the head of the serpent so that He can bring you closer to Him. Accept my protection and I will respond to all who ask me for help…”

Let us unite globally our hearts as one Jesus to Mankind Global Family, together with the Mother of Salvation, in this battle to save souls. We will offer all our prayers asking for her intercession and protection for all God’s children in every nation against evil. Please come and help us unite globally in Prayer. Jesus, we trust in You! The Remnant Army of Christ will Triumph!




February 16 - March 29

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You are invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind Global Lenten Rosary Crusade. Every Friday of Lent, beginning February 16th to March 29th 2024, we will be reciting the 4 mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  This is in response to the March 9, 2012 message of Our Mother of Salvation:

As the wars are now being plotted. it is important that my Holy Rosary be recited every day before Easter. Children, if you could devote each day of the week to my Holy Rosary with every Friday to saying the four mysteries, between now and Easter, much destruction in the world can and will be mitigated.

My Son is so happy with those who accept His Holy Word, with love and purity of heart.
Great Graces are being bestowed on those clean souls who trust in Him completely, without any doubts in their hearts. You, my children, are the remnant, the little acorn of believers, who will help swell the Army, now required to deplete sin in the world.

Your prayers and especially my Most Holy Rosary, are the weapons needed to destroy the evil one and those he infests in every corner of the Earth. Go now, my children, and organise global prayers so that my Rosary is recited across all nations, between now and Easter Sunday...”

Please invite your family and friends to and give Jesus the Gift of your time.



February 17
February 18
On the first weekend of Lent you are invited to a very important Book of Truth Lenten Retreat. The Good and Faithful Servant; The Virtues of Temperance, Prudence, Justice, & Fortitude for Spiritual Growth and Physical Preparation in The Mission of Salvation - Book of Truth. The Lenten retreat will be held online on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of February at 9pm Singapore time. It will run for approximately 1hr 10mins each day/night.

From the very first Messages in 2010 Jesus explained the importance of the spiritual journey to become strong warriors in this final Mission of Salvation for the world, and to prepare our souls for The Warning and His Second Coming. In this Lenten Retreat we will go on a journey of spiritual development learning about the Four Cardinal Virtues of Temperance, Prudence, Justice and Fortitude. In the context of the Messages in the Book of Truth, we will learn the importance of striving to acquire and implement these virtues on what Jesus calls "the stairway to spiritual perfection". Jesus says the following in a Book of Truth Message dated November 24, 2010:
“…Each step can represent a new revelation into what lessons you must experience before you can attain the Graces you need to elevate your souls to the spiritual perfection needed to enter My Father’s Paradise…”
“…You must, in order to reach the top step, be humble in your love for Me. Show virtue at all times.”
This retreat will provide a Summary of Spiritual and Physical preparation in the Book of Truth. The Book of Truth provides all the guidance that is needed to run the gauntlet of the End Times. This includes the current Great Tribulation in the world and in the Church, and still to come, The Warning and the period of Chastisement that will follow The Warning. 
This Lenten Retreat will provide essential tools to become strong, focused and virtuous Soldiers for Christ in this Final Mission of Salvation. Through the study of the Cardinal Virtues, Messages in the Book of Truth, and the Holy Bible, we will learn how to prepare ourselves both physically and spiritually, and how to resist the constant temptations and distractions of the devil in the times of chaos and confusion that surround us and to stay on the right path with Jesus to Eternal Life. Jesus says the following in a Book of truth Message dated May 10, 2013:
“…My desire is that My followers now prepare to climb the ladder, a long and difficult climb, towards spiritual perfection. Those of you who have been blessed with the Gift of discernment by My Voice, contained in The Book of Truth, have a duty to Me.
This is what you must do. Use the Gift I have given you, to prepare for the spiritual perfection which is required of you, now as I build My remnant army on Earth.
Your responsibility is to help those who are too weak, too proud and too stubborn to accept My Hand of Mercy. It will be through you that I will be able to grant all souls, including those who are not worthy of My Mercy, the salvation needed to live forever in My Glory…”
The aim of this retreat is to gain wisdom and understanding on the importance of using reason through virtue in continuing to prepare ourselves and others for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ensuring we stay behind Jesus in this Mission of Salvation, and as part of His Remnant Army fight the battle against satan to help save all of mankind, so when we stand before Jesus at His Second Coming, He will be able say to each and every one of us: "Well done good and faithful servant."

The Virtues of Temperance, Prudence, Justice, & Fortitude for Spiritual Growth and Physical Preparation in The Mission of Salvation-Book of Truth.

“Everyone, then, who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock. The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall because it had been founded on rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not act on them will be like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell—and great was its fall!”  Matthew 7:24-27



February 21

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Dear Remnant Prayer Warrior, You are invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind USA 1-Hour Crusade of Prayer on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific.

… “Love is a trait which is hated by Satan, for God is Love. Everyone who loves another person feels joy in his heart. Love is the most natural feeling and it is what keeps the Light of God aglow in a world of darkness. Satan will attack love at every opportunity. He will snatch it away from those where he can and he will replace love with many wicked substitutes.

When he attacks the Sacrament of Marriage, he dilutes the love within each such union until only hatred remains. He will break up friendships. He will cause division, mistrust and hatred whenever and wherever he can.” -Your Jesus (Book of Truth -Dec. 26, 2013)

Let us unite to pray against the attack on the Love of God which needs to be strong in relationships, especially in the Sacrament of Marriage. Please invite all of your friends & family to come to join us.