July 17, 2012 - Once The Warning takes place there will be much confusion.

17/07/2012 00:01

My dearly beloved daughter time is moving quickly now. I have been preparing all of you now for some time.


You, My followers, know what you must do. Your own confession is important and you must try to get this once every week from now on.


Be at peace. I am pleased at the way in which you follow My instructions. Please keep going back to My Crusade Prayers and concentrate on the prayers to save the souls of others.


Once The Warning takes place there will be much confusion.


People, everywhere, will be humbled in a way which is out of character.


Many will be too distressed to go back to their place of work immediately. People in powerful positions, in governments, will question their laws.


Those murderers and criminals amongst your communities will feel a terrible sorrow and despair but many will atone for their sins.


My priests and My other sacred servants will immediately know that these messages come from My Divine Lips.


Then they will rise and follow My loyal followers to help Me prepare the world for My Second Coming.


Some among them will know that it is I who speaks to them but will lack the courage to openly proclaim My most Holy Word.


In time they will be given the graces to uphold My Sacraments when they realise that they are to be desecrated. Then they will be given the proof of these prophecies.


Many parents will need to instil, in their children over the age of 7 years, the importance of prayer and repentance from then on. Parents, you have a duty to teach your children the Truth.


Their hearts will be open to My love after The Warning and you must keep guiding them in spiritual matters.


Ensure that you keep Holy Water in your homes and a Benedictine Cross from now on along with the Seal of the Living God hanging in your home. All of these will protect your family.


Follow My instruction and all will be well.


My daughter you must now go and ensure that the Book of Truth is published as quickly as possible. It is important that those souls who have no access to computer are given this.


Have no fear for I will guide you and send you help to ensure that it is sent all over the world.


Go in peace. Go in Love. I am with you always.


I stand by you every moment of the day guiding you even when you do not realise it. I am in your heart.


Your beloved Jesus