May the 7th 2014

03/05/2014 21:43


We received  a valuable international invitation for monthly prayer-days from organizers and administrators of several  crusade prayer-groups and Facebook-websites from several nations, some of the organizers are helpers and members of our internet prayer groups:


One day a month (the 7th of each month), all member from all prayer groups, in every country, are invited to join spiritually to pray the Crusade Prayer chosen for that month. All this in order to help Jesus, in our humble way, to save souls, so precious to Him.

After the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet,
you will recite the following crusade prayer. Group I A & I B for world leaders, Nations and to avoid wars.
96,2,14,27,31,32,42,54,61,77,83,84,85,87,98,99,120, 96, The Consecration to the Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary . Finally with a rosary on our hand, we recite 50 times the crusade prayer 104 to save 5050 souls.

Instructions for the groups: “They must keep Holy Water close by, have a Crucifix of Me present and recite this special Crusade Prayer to Bless and Protect your Crusade Prayer Group.
Crusade Prayer (96)


For every soul you dedicate to My Mercy, I will save a hundred more

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 @ 21:20


Finally, there are those who do know everything about Me and the fact that I Am the Messiah. No miracle or act of love will draw them to Me because they have abandoned themselves to Satan. These souls will be devoured by the beast and he will not let them go free because they do not see me as their Saviour. They still do not know the truth of the plan of the beast.  In order to save them, you, My beloved followers, must give Me your allegiance by committing their souls to Me during your prayers and when you receive the Holy Eucharist. You must offer them to Me every day and for every soul you dedicate to My Mercy, I will save a hundred more.

Do this every single day. At the end of every month you will be full of joy because you will know how many such souls have been given this Great Mercy. This is just another Gift I bless you with and the graces you will receive when you recite this Crusade Prayer will be in abundance.