October 8, 2011 - Virgin Mary: The sin of indifference to my Son is rampant

09/10/2011 00:00

(Received during a private apparition of the Blessed Mother, which lasted 30 minutes)


My child, there are so many souls destined for eternal exile, should they not turn back to my precious Son.


My Son suffers greatly in anguish, as He watches these children lurch from one evil path to another.


The sin of indifference to my Son is rampant and so many, who know of His Existence, still choose, through their own free will, to disown Him.


Now is the time when they will understand what lies ahead of them if they do not repent during the Illumination of Conscience, which they will experience shortly.


For those of you who love my Son, take up His Cross and help Him to bring back those souls for whom He yearns to hold in His precious loving Arms.


So many of you, children, who do not really know my Son, must understand the gentle tenderness of His Heart. So much Love does He have for you all, that were you to see His suffering because of rejection, you would lie on the ground, cry and beg for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind.


Please, I urge you to pray hard for the conversion so desired by my Son during The Warning.


Your Blessed Mother

Queen of all Mankind