September 23, 2012 - So many people are searching for the Truth and cannot find it

23/09/2012 00:00

My dearly beloved daughter there comes a time when a man must ask himself – who am I and why do I live?


The only answer, which brings him peace, is when he understands that he is a child of God.


Rather than deny the Truth, because of the pressures exerted by those who sneer at those who believe in God, he must be honest with himself.


He knows that the love he feels comes from God.


He knows, in his heart, that the wretchedness he feels when in darkness and despair comes from the other side. The dark side.


So many people are searching for the Truth and cannot find it.


Although the Truth has been recorded in the Holy Book, many cannot accept that Holy Scripture contains all the answers they seek.


You must embrace the Truth and hold onto it for dear life for it is your path to salvation.


Many people will do everything that is possible to deny the Truth. Mainly they will use human intelligence to tear the Truth apart and have you believe a lie.


Every argument will be made to deny the Truth of God. So convincing will these arguments be that many believers will find it difficult to defend the Truth.


Your faith will stand the test of time but only if you allow Me to guide you day and night.


For Me to guide you, you must never take your eyes off Me and lean on Me for support.


Speak with Me. Communicate with Me at any time of the day, in the car, at work, at school or in your church. It does not matter where for you can call on Me at any moment and I will respond.


This path, the route to Calvary is the lot of My followers. It is a very difficult hill to mount. You must endure the setbacks and the pain of rejection of those who will not accept your right to practice your religion. The top of the hill should be your goal. Only when you reach the top will you find peace.


Persevere, My beloved followers and My Love will be felt by you in such a way that it will give you a strength you would not believe possible.


I love you. I walk with you. I will never leave you. I bless you all.


Your Jesus