September 29, 2012 - Believers must never feel secure in the knowledge that they know the Truth

29/09/2012 00:00

My dearly beloved daughter, I must tell all those who believe in Me, Jesus Christ, to wake up and live their lives in Me now.


These Messages are not only being given to warn those who do not believe in Christ, the Redeemer of Mankind, they are also for believers in God.


Believers must never feel secure in the knowledge that they know the Truth.


To those of you who say you know the Truth of My Teachings you must never feel complacent. If you do then this can mean that you will neglect the work needed to sanctify your souls.


Believers can be confused about My Teachings. So many do not understand the meaning of My Second Coming.


Many of My followers think it means that all of humanity will be aware anyway and that, through My Mercy, they will be saved. O how I wish that this were true. How this would bring Me final relief. Sadly many will not be prepared. Many will refuse to listen to My warnings and instructions. As such they will fail to prepare adequately.


My Second Coming will happen. To those believers, who say they believe in the Truth contained in the Holy Bible, know this. It is easy for you to accept what was prophesised therein and which has already happened. It is not so easy to accept the future prophecies still to be witnessed by humanity


Accept also the fact that Divine Messages will be sent to prepare you. Accept that this preparation is taking place right now.


Be vigilant at all times. Do not reject Me at this time, for this is the time of preparations.


Be thankful that you are being given this great gift.


Your beloved Jesus