December 11, 2011 - Crusade of Prayer (13) Prayer calling for immunity

11/12/2011 00:02

Prayer given by God the Father to Maria Divine Mercy urging for prayer for those who reject the Mercy of Jesus shown to them during The Warning

“My Son will envelope the whole of humanity now and when the Illumination of Conscience is past your prayers are truly needed at that stage. Your prayers children will help save those people who will defiantly continue to reject the mercy My son will show them.

My solemn promise children is that all those of you who call on Me on behalf of My beloved Son Jesus Christ to save your brothers and sisters that they will be granted immediate immunity. Special graces will be given to each of you who pledges a full month of prayer for their souls. Here is what I request you to say

“O Heavenly Father, through the Love of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Whose Passion on the Cross saved us from sin, please save all those who still reject His Hand of Mercy.Flood their souls, dear Father, with Your token of Love. I plead with You, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer and save these souls from eternal damnation. Through your Mercy allow them to be the first to enter the New Era of Peace on Earth.   Amen.”

Your Heavenly Father

God the Most High