December 29, 2011 - Every kind of Mercy will be shown to those who don’t love My Father

29/12/2011 00:01

My dearest beloved daughter, My children everywhere will be awakened from a deep, empty slumber shortly.


When they awaken to The Warning, many will be terrified. To those who will be fearful I have this to say.


Be thankful you are being woken up from the darkness.


Be joyful that you are being shown My Light of Mercy. If you find this painful, then I implore you to endure this cleansing with humility. For without this cleansing you will not have eternal life, which is your right.


Pray to Me to help you during these difficult moments and I will lift you up and give you the strength you need.


Reject My Hand of Mercy and you will be given only a very short period in which to repent.


There will be every kind of Mercy shown to those of you who do not love My Father. But know that His patience is running out.


There will be one great Act of My Mercy shown. It will be up to you to become humble and beg for Mercy. You cannot be forced to do this.


Pray that if you cannot deal with this cleansing that others will then pray for your soul.


Never fear Me, never reject My Hand of Salvation. For without Me, you are nothing. Don’t wait to cry out for My Love when it will be too late to help you.


Your Saviour

Jesus Christ