Prayer for the poor souls

09/10/2011 19:19

Dear members! Dear visitors of our website!

Due to the current message of Jesus about the existence of purgatory and hell (Feast of the Rosary, see  07/10/2011). We would like you all to pray especially for the dying and the poor souls in purgatory! The poor souls are by the way, according to St. Theresa of Avila, always grateful and reliable advocates! Let us therefore not forget them in our prayers as we also rely and count on their intercession!

Additional hint: It is a helpful and a nice gesture to light a candle in the church for the poor souls. - This is primarily for children very interesting and also a useful and beautiful opportunity to engage them in religious discussions to teach them its necessities. 

Especially for children it is a good opportunity to  get engaged in religious discussions and to hear about the importance of religion.

Thank you!