February 12, 2012 - The Holy Bible is not being shoved aside in favour of these Messages

12/02/2012 00:01

My dearly beloved daughter, I missed you yesterday. I woke you during the night do you remember? You were too tired, but how I wanted to speak to you then.


Today I must urge you to tell the world that war is to escalate and that, unless more of My followers pray, there will be a nuclear war inflicted.


This is close and prayer can avert this along with the Hand of My Eternal Father.


I need more of My followers to spread My Holy Word given to all of humanity for the good of your souls.


You, My daughter, are being attacked by those who say that the Holy Book of My Father is being shoved aside, in favour of these Messages. This is not so.


My Messages today are to reinforce the Teachings contained in the Holy Bible, because so many in the world today do not know what is contained therein.


Nor will they know the warning signs of the end timesunless I reveal them to you now. Why is this? I must prepare your souls for My New Paradise. Never feel I Am trying to bring you on a different path.


For there is only one Path to Paradise and I Am the One who will guide you to its Gates.


Heed My Word. Listen to My Call. Walk with Me with your heads high, without fear in your hearts, as I lead My Army to help Me to reclaim My Kingdom on Earth.


Your beloved Jesus



Satan’s last days – Like a wasp when dying, the sting will be the most painful

Monday, February 13th, 2012 @ 15:30


My daughter, please remember that man only has to look around him to know big changes have come into the world. Normal every day events no longer seem the same. The joys you receive, children, from material gain have lost their lustre. They no longer appeal. They are tinged with a mask of nothingness.


Why is this? Don’t you know that it is the scourge of the antichrist and his presence on Earth, which casts these shadows?


He, the spawn of Satan, infects every level of your society including politics, the military forces, financial institutions, humanitarian organisations and even your churches.


Not one sector has been spared in order that he can inflict pain on humanity in these his last days on Earth.


Remember that I, your Jesus, have given you, My followers, the Power of the Holy Spirit to render these evil perpetrators impotent.


The more you rise in battle through the strength of your faith then the weaker will be the grip of the antichrist.


Prayer, and especially the Crusade Prayers given to you, My messenger, will help drive out this evil.


All evil can be destroyed through prayer. It is that simple.


The days are numbered for the survival of Satan and his army. However, like a wasp when dying, the sting will be the most painful.


Show patience and perseverance during these trials and you, My Army, in hope and confidence will march in unity towards the gates of My New Paradise on Earth.


Your Saviour, Jesus Christ