February 5, 2012 - Mother of Salvation: When you say my Rosary you can help save your nation

05/02/2012 00:00

My child, I call on all of my children to pray for unity in the world at this time.


Belief in my Son is disappearing and my children are being left with barren souls.


I am your Immaculate Heart and through the love I have for my precious Son, Jesus Christ, will work with Him closely to save humanity.


By praying for me to intercede, I will beg my Father, God the Most High, to keep His Hand of Justice from the severe punishment He will pour down on the Earth, to stop wickedness from spreading.


I will help you, children, to become closer to my Son’s Heart. When we work together, my children, we can avert disasters worldwide.


Never forget the importance of my Most Holy Rosary, because when you say it every day, you can help save your nation. Satan’s power is weakened when you say my Rosary. He runs away in great pain and becomes powerless. It is most important, no matter what Christian faith you belong to, to say this at least once a day.


So many people do not accept me, their Blessed Mother.


Like my Son, I am rejected, scorned, insulted and demeaned. Yet, by asking for my help, I can bring souls right to the Sacred Heart of my Son, Jesus Christ.


My Son, Jesus Christ, is your Saviour, children, and He will never reject sinners no matter how blackened your souls are.


If you feel sorry for having offended Him, just call out to me, your loving Mother and I will take you by the hand to Him.


My Son is preparing to come to bring all His children together so you can all join with Him in the New Paradise on Earth. Only pure and humble souls can enter.


You must start your preparations now. Start by reciting my Holy Rosary.


So important is this Prayer that it must now become a Crusade Prayer, in its own right.


Crusade Prayer (26) Pray the Rosary to save your nation


Feel the peace, children, when you meditate on my Rosary.


As the Graces are poured over you, after reciting it, you will then know that the deceiver has moved away from you and in its place will come love. Love comes from my Eternal Father.


When you feel love in your hearts, you will know that you are winning the battle to defeat the evil one.


Your beloved Queen of the Angels


Mother of Salvation