A guide for to pray in group or alone at home

30/01/2017 19:48

For those who do not have up to now or don´t participate in a prayer group of Jesus to Mankind (via facebook, by telephone or in groups already established physically) this small guide has been created for you, then you can pray at home following the suggested prayers each month, week by week and so, you can help in the conversion and salvation of many souls with your prayers.


----->   Please start  DECEMBER , week 1 (BLUE) (on Monday  3th. DECEMBER)

Week 2 - (Pink)            

Week 3 - (Turquoise)  

Week 4 - (Green)      .


----->   Please start  NOVEMBER , week 1 (purple) (on Monday  5th. NOVEMBER)

Week 2 - Pink            

Week 3 - Turquoise  

Week 4 - Olive green



----->   Please start  OCTOBER , week 1 (on Monday  1st. OCTOBER)



----->   Please start  September , week 1 (on Monday  3th September)




----->   Please start  August , week 1 (on Monday  6th August)


----->   Please start  July , week 1 (on Monday 2nd July)


Please start  June , week 1 (on Monday 4th June)



Please start  M a y , week 1 (on Monday 30th April)


Please start April, week 1, (on Monday 2nd April)


Please start March, week 1, (on Monday 5th March)



Please start February, week 1, (on Monday 29th January)


Please start December, week 1, (on Monday 4th Dec.)


Please start November, week 1, (on Monday 30th Oct.)


Please start the week 1, (on October 2th)

Please start the week 1, (on september 4th)