July 10, 2013 - God the Father: The lies you are being fed about your economy are designed to fool you

10/07/2013 00:01

My dearest daughter, wars will break out all over the Middle East and soon My beloved Israel will suffer a terrible abomination. Lives will be lost throughout this part of the world on a very large scale, as the spirit of evil devours the lives and in many cases the souls of My children.


My children’s hatred for each other will spill out into other countries, as the Battle of Armageddon intensifies and grows, until it will engulf the world everywhere. The hatred, caused as a result of the infestation of Satan and his demons, will become a sign so visible that very few souls, irrespective of what belief they hold for Me, the Creator of all that is, will fail to feel the spirit of evil, which spreads like a deadly virus.


Wars, many of them, including battles within governments of all nations,will erupt all at the same time. As My Hands have already descended in mild punishments, know that I will crush those who hurt My children.This is when the battle for souls will increase and it will spread in many ways.


The lies you are being fed about your economy are designed to fool you and strip you of what you own. Pray, pray, pray that I will stop those who control your currencies from taking everything you own away from you. Know that while My Right Hand casts down chastisements against the wicked, My Left Hand will lift and take you under My Protection and I will provide for you.


The changes foretold in My Holy Book are now presented to the world. Battles will rage, lives will be lost, lands will suffer ecological turmoil, crops will fail and many of you will be persecuted by your governments. The worst battle will be a spiritual one where every effort will be made to turn you against Me.


Your Father


God the Most High