June 21, 2012 - Come to Me all of you who feel unworthy. I am waiting for you.

21/06/2012 00:00

My dearly beloved daughter My followers must understand that like any good parent I will always want what is best for them.


I will never give them everything they ask for unless it is according to My Most Holy Will.


I will never let them wander off the path of Truth without coaxing them back to Me.


I will always try to protect them from all harm.


I will also chastise them for any wrongdoing.


I will, and can, become angry when they do evil onto others.


I will also forgive them when they do wrong if they are truly sorry for the error of their ways.


I am patient. I am not easily shocked and never, nor could I, hold a grudge.


This is why even those who have wandered off lost and who feel empty inside should ask Me to hold them, love them and bring them the Divine Love that will bring them true peace.


So many people are lost and have forgotten Me.


Many, because of the sinful lives they have led, are reluctant to turn to Me. They feel awkward, don’t know how to pray and believe, wrongly, that it is too late for them. How wrong they are. They must never forget that I offered up My life on earth for each one of you.


I don’t give up on souls that easily. I love all those who, through their actions, deeds and thoughts, break My Father’s Laws.

You are precious to Me. I love you just as I love all of God’s children.


Never believe you are loved less because you sin. Sin, while abhorrent to Me, is the stain with which you were born.


It is almost impossible for any soul on earth not to sin.


Never feel I could never help you or welcome you into My Arms.


You will stand first in line to enter My New Paradise on earth, which will last 1,000 years when you turn to Me.


All I asked is that you speak with Me in these words


Crusade Prayer (62) For Lost and Helpless Sinners


O Jesus help me for I am a sinner lost, helpless and in darkness

I am weak and lack the courage to seek You out

Give me the strength to call You now so that I can break away from the darkness within my soul


Bring me into Your light Dear Jesus, forgive me

Help me to become whole again and lead me to Your

Love, peace and Eternal Life.

I trust You completely and I ask You to take me in mind, body and soul as I surrender to Your Divine Mercy.




Come to Me all of you who feel unworthy. I am waiting for you. All it takes is to hold out your hand and reach Me.


I listen. I see. I weep. I love you.


I will never give up until you are in My Arms and My Divine Mercy floods your soul.


Soon you will finally see the Truth of My Great Mercy

Your doubts will fall away like an outer shell to reveal your soul which will be filled with the light and you will come running towards Me.

I await that day with great hope and joy.

Only when every poor lost soul knows that only I, Jesus Christ, can save them will My Heart be healed.

Remember I may condemn the sin but I love every sinner no matter what they have done.

Never be afraid to come to Me, to talk to Me, for I love you too much to reject you when you show true remorse.

Your beloved Jesus