March 13, 2012 - Now, a concerted effort being made to silence you, by a certain fragment within My Church

13/03/2012 00:00

My dearly beloved daughter, today you finally realised how much My Most Holy Word is not only opposed, but rejected, by certain members of My Church.


Those who are not fit to fall at My Feet and beg for Mercy, proclaim themselves fit to judge My Sacred Words, given to mankind to save their souls.


I Am a God full of Mercy, full of desire to save all of My children and Am slow to anger.


Today, My Patience was tested as another assault, this time from a man who professes to speak in My Name, was made to undermine these Messages.


You, My daughter, may not, from this day forth, engage with any such representative without first asking for My permission.


There is now a concerted effort being made to silence you, by a certain fragment within My Church.


My children, these are the times when the faith of My most ardent followers, including members of My Church, will be put to the test in ways not witnessed since My Crucifixion.


Just as I was viciously treated and condemned to death for daring to speak the Truth, when I came the first time, so too, will the same treatment be meted out to My prophets in the lead up to My Second Coming.


They will be sneered at, ridiculed and made to look foolish, when they spread My Word.


They will be accused of heresy, by those who proclaim My Teachings, but who fail to recognise My Word given to the world today.


Be fearful, those of you who attempt to block the pathway I now lay down before you, in order to save humanity.


You will be punished.


You will have to answer to Me for the injustice you inflict on those sent to proclaim the Word of God in these, the end times.


Reject the prophets of the Lord and you reject the Word of the Lord.


Your arrogance blinds you to the Truth and you do not have the right to represent Me.


You offend Me greatly and your rejection of My Holy Word wounds Me deeply.


I weep at your cruel rejection of Me, while at the same time, you preach a watered-down version of the Truth of My Teachings.


You must spend time now in Eucharistic Adoration before you can communicate with Me, to enable Me to guide you on the path of discernment.


Examine your reasons for rejecting My Words.


Is it because you do not want to hear the Truth of the schism, which is to grip the Catholic Church?


Is it because you do not accept that the Church has been infested by the deceiver?


Don’t you understand that this has all been foretold?


You must pray so that you will see the Truth and come to Me for guidance, before it is too late.


Your Jesus


Redeemer of all Mankind