May 18, 2012 - God the Father: Fear not My Hand but the hand of those who are your enemies

18/05/2012 00:01

I speak with you today My dearest daughter to bring comfort to those who fear for the future.


The future, dear children, lies in My Holy Hands.


The time has come for the new Kingdom, the Kingdom over which My Beloved Son will reign, to come to pass.


This is the final stage when earth is being prepared to bring forth the multitudes who love My Son and, in time, who love Me.


Much must happen for My Divine Will to be done and prayer, patience and courage are needed.


Fear not My Hand but the hand of those who are your enemies.


Much wickedness is rampant in the world and the time has come for Me to punish those nations who torment My children on earth.


As the battle begins, the Houses that honour Me, God the Father, will be renewed.


Soon they will realise how they rejected the one True Messiah I sent to earth, in My Son Jesus Christ, to give the world salvation.


Then those who believe in My Son and Me, God the Most High, will rise in unison to prepare the ground so that the Second Coming of My Son can take place.


Only when the purification is complete will My Son return.


The purification I speak of is when the good will be separated from those who are evil. Those who live their lives filled with the lies planted in their souls by Satan still have time to repent.


Every attempt will be made by Me to salvage them from the beast for I do not give up on My children that easily.


I will, through the various Divine Interventions, sanctioned by Me, try to take them into My Merciful Arms to save them.


Trust and belief in Me is the pathway to Eternal Life.


Only through My Son, The Saviour of the World, can you come to Me, The Father of the Universe.


For to come to Me, you must be saved from Sin.


To be saved from Sin you must redeem yourselves in the Eyes of My Son.


Just as I sent My Son the first time to grant you salvation, so too, do I send Him once more to save you one last time before the New Heaven and the New Earth merge to become one.


Those who refuse to accept My Son’s Great Mercy, after this last Crusade to bring all of My Children into Paradise, their rightful inheritance, will be lost forever.


There can be no going back after this.


Never forget who I Am.


I Am God the Father and I created you.


I love you.


I desire to bring all of you home but how My Tears flow so.


This is because there will be so many that I will not be able to save unless they turn and ask Me to help them.


This call from the Heavens has been foretold.


Only The Lamb of God, My Son, has the authority to reveal to you the events which lie ahead.


Only He can open the Seals.


He does this now with the help of the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Messenger.


Open your eyes and accept that, at last, the Book of Truth prophesised is now being opened chapter by chapter before your eyes.


Accept it as a Gift, because it will bring you eternal life.


Your Beloved Father in Heaven


God the Most High