May 20, 2012 - Virgin Mary: The evil one attacks those who love God the most.

20/05/2012 00:00

My child just as more of God’s children embrace these Holy Messages so, too, will more people reject them.


All those closest to My Son will be tempted by the evil one to turn their backs.


They will suffer the most and doubts will block their minds to the truth.


The evil one attacks those who love God the most.


When he blinds them to the truth he wins.


Those who revere me, the Mother of God, will also be a target where the evil one will pull them away from the Book of Truth.


Never does he, the evil one, give up. He inflicts terrible torture on those loving souls so that they will deny the Word of God.


I beg all of those who love My Son to hear my call. You must listen when My Son speaks to you.


Do not denounce the chance to help your brothers and sisters to obtain the eternal life promised to them.


Do not allow doubts planted by the deceiver prevent millions of souls from being saved.


This is the fierce opposition that will assail you from this day.


You must call on me, Your Mother, to help you, guide you and lead on to the true path.


Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation