May 21, 2012 - The time is drawing closer for The Warning to take place

21/05/2012 00:00

My dearly beloved daughter the time is drawing closer for The Warning to take place.


Still there is so much work to be done to prepare souls for My Great Mercy.


I call on all those who love Me to pray hard for the global conversion I desire.


So many will come running into My Arms, relief flooding their souls, because they know it is I, their Beloved Jesus, who beckons them.


So many will fight the Truth when it is presented to them. The proof I will reveal will not be enough to ignite a single flame of love in their souls.


They have been stolen from Me and yet they do not want to be set free from their captor, the beast, who has devoured their souls.


Spread My Word as quickly as you can My daughter.


Ignore the taunts, the sneers and the ridicule from those who try to stop you


Rise and proclaim My Most Holy Word at all costs.


Those who profess to speak in My Name and try to demean you are crucifying Me. It is not you they torment but, Me, their Beloved Saviour.


Human opinion is not important. All that matters are those souls that I yearn to save.


Pray this Crusade Prayer (55) to Prepare for The Warning


O my Dear Jesus

Please open the hearts

Of all God’s children

To the gift of your Great Mercy


Help them to accept Your Divine Mercy

With love and gratitude

Enable them to become humble before You

And beg for the forgiveness of their sins

So that they can become part of

Your Glorious Kingdom.



Soon many millions in the world will hear My Call and more souls can and will be saved.


Never forget the importance of the daily recital of My Divine Mercy Chaplet to save souls.


Go in peace and love.


Your beloved Jesus