Submission of one of our priests about the St. Michael´s Prayer

27/05/2012 17:48
One of our priests, Fr. F.J.Jr., sent us a touching testimony about the St. Michael´s-Prayer and the link to a wonderful song, which he has composed.
(...) Please assure our members that our community here is saying masses everyday for the intentions of the internet prayer group and the intentions are also included in our lauds and vespers everyday.
Second, is just a sharing of a faith experience. When members of our families and relatives were gathered for the wake and funeral of my father, I gave them a lecture about this warning thing, divine mercy, and the internet prayer group. They were so intent as they listened. That night, I barely closed my eyes to sleep and had a very bad dream. The devil tortured me in my dream, he was so mad of what I did. He choked me in my throat in a wrestling and I really fought hard and the strength of the devil is really incredible and I prayed different prayers in that dream but he did not go away. Finally, I prayed the St. Michael prayer and the devil ran away and I woke up. It made me reflect that in these times of spiritual warfare St. Michael must be invoked. I believe St. Michael is entrusted by God to lead our growing army. This is the 2nd time it happened. The first was my time in the novitiate as a seminarian. For many nights I experienced similar torture as I fell asleep and he would wrestle with me in a dream with such a powerful force and choked me in my pillow. At that time I do not know yet of the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer. It left me so disturbed I was already afraid to sleep. And finally, I told my spiritual director about this. He told me not to fight with the devil. Rather, invoke St. Michael to do the fighting and he gave me a small picture of St. Michael with the prayer at the back and told me to recite the prayer before sleeping and all the tortures in the form of dream ended. The 2 experiences have a gap of 20 years and this really made a deep impression on me that this Leonine prayers must return to the Church. Every prayer warrior must have a devotion to St. Michael through daily recitation of the prayer.
Third, I will upload a second video to our You Tube Site soon on my free time. This is about caring for God's creation. (....)
My regards to all of you there and the priests working for this apostolate.
My blessings+
Fr. F. A. J. Jr., OFM
The new video of the song of Fr. F.J.Jr. is online!
"I have also uploaded the song video “This Beautiful Earth” for all the members that I love and whom I always pray everyday. It is soothing to think that even if greed wants to destroy our planet, the whole of Creation is still very beautiful as God wants us to enjoy it. Here is the link: "