Two urgent emails from two of our priests:

11/07/2012 20:06
11th July 2012
1)  All My Brother Priests:
I wish to recommend that all priests establish prayer groups in their parishes. First, encourage your flock to form a Divine Mercy Prayer Group reciting the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy on a weekly basis. I have done so and have between 15 to 40 attendants never having less than 15 on a weekly basis. Second, since it is Our Lord's desire that we pray the Crusade Prayers every day, encourage your flock, those who are able to, to gather daily to recite these prayers. It would be wonderful if you could expose the Blessed Sacrament as well. If possible, offer to say Mass for your groups once per month. Lastly, in light of the current message given to Maria Divine Mercy on confessions, offer to hear confession for your prayer groups every two weeks. In addition, encourage your flock to utilize the Sacrament of Reconciliation as often as possible. May God Bless us and Protect us as we march forth gaining salvation for souls.
Peace and Blessings
Fr. Tim from USA
2) Urgent email of Fr. F. J., OFM from the Philippines for all our members:

July 8th 2012

Peace and goodness!
I ask you (....) to post this email for all our members to know. Today July 8, 2012 I have already finished the 300th mass for the intention of the Internet Prayer Group. This is just to let the members know that their prayer requests are prayed upon by our religious community here in the Philippines. Since August 2011 when our Lord requested through MDM that the month is meant to be the Salvation of Souls Month that I have made a firm resolve to say mass for this intention including the prayer requests of the members. Last January 2012 I also sent an email that I have finished the 146th mass. We have reached the 300th mark and the masses will continue to grow day by day for as long as the Lord allows me to do so. This is just to let the members know so they may be cheered that there are people praying for them. We will continue to offer masses even if we cannot measure the graces we received as God is the only one who knows all the merits we have acquired.
Our prayers and blessings for the founding group and to all the members!
Love and prayers,
Fr. F. "Jun" A. J. Jr., OFM
From the Philippines